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Almost every one of us has a dream of sitting in an expensive casino, taking expensive drinks and rolling the dice without feeling the need to care about money is. However, expensive casinos or classy casino do need a lot of money to enter in them. If you have ever felt like going to casino and could not find time or money or just the energy to get up and get going, we have a solution to your problem.

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The solution is in your hand during most part of the day, and that solution is called your smart phone. You might be wondering that how a smart phone will get you to a casino. You just have to go to your smart phone’s app store and download the game named Double U Casino. The game Double U casino works equally well on both Android and iOS devices, so you do not have to worry about the device. You do not have to go anywhere or even there is no need to leave your seat because your own casino is in your hand. Download the game and log in using your Facebook account and enter the world of amazing casino. The game is one of the most creative games, and it has many slot machines as well as video poker games.

The game breaks the monotony (which is a characteristic feature of many smart phone games) by providing different varieties of popular casino games. You can play any of the game from its diverse varieties and on top of all that each game has its own jackpot. You can win the jackpots and have fun playing the game. Double U casino is more like a real casino and if you have been inside a real casino you will certainly know how to play it.

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Features of the Game

The Double U Casino game offers some of the most exciting features, and a brief description is given below:

Connecting with Friend

The game asks you to log in using your Facebook account and you can also invite your friends to play with them. You can enjoy the Casino play with your friends. This will also give you competition and sense of achievement over your mates. This will also be a favorite time of you and your buddies even if you are not meeting one another in person. The other main advantage of connecting the game to Facebook is that you can save your game and check your progress whenever you want. Saving your game will free you to worry about the server being reset or even getting wiped out of all the progress you have achieved from playing so hard. However, the game will have access to your personal information and you can choose not to connect using Facebook if you feel unsafe.

Slot Machines

The slot machines in Double U Casino are the main charm of this game and the game has almost 4 dozens of slot machines and every single one of them is of different design. There is also a fairy tale slot which is updated on weekly basis and you can also play as a Mermaid, Snowman, Viking or any other slot depending on your preference. The machines essentially work according to the same design. You have to place a bet and roll the slot. You see if you win or not after rolling the slot. Winning in Double U Casino, just like real casino, is totally dependent on your luck. The game also displayed about the reason if you win any money in Double U Casino.

Playing Video Poker Games

Double U Casino offer three different types of video poker in it and they work mostly on the same pattern. Those three video pokers are named Jack or Better, Bonus and Deuces Wild. Playing video poker easy you will simply place a bet then you need to draw five cards. After drawing five cards you will have the option to keep the cards you like and change the card you do not. There are many strategies to play video poker in Double U Casino but a general rule of thumb is to play safe whenever you are in doubt.


The slotourney (Slots Tourney) will sign you up automatically and you just have to slot like you play the regular slots. However, you will win stars when you win instead of winning money. You keep adding stars and the more stars you have the more you will get paid at the end of a 24 hour given period. On top of all this, you will also get more chips and cash.

Double U Casino Free Chips Generator

Double U Casino has made the life easier for casino lovers and now you can play the game anywhere on your smart phone no matter where you are or what you are doing. As much as the game is addictive and it certainly can become the obsession of many it still need resources to go ahead in the game. Chips in Double U Casino have their benefits and perks. These chips can be won by number of ways like playing “soltourney” or many other ways like contests etc. Most of the people who are constantly playing Double U Casino often run out of chips. Importance of the chips in Double U Casino cannot be denied and hence every Double U Casino player want more and more chips but runs out of these chips. We have a solution to this problem in the form of Double U Casino Free Chips Generator. This generator works miraculously because it is simple to use and works on both Android and iOS devices. You just have to enter the amount of chips you need and press generate and you will get unlimited chips. This is a simple hacking tool and you can play Double U Casino chips for hours by using this tool.

Keep having fun and keep playing Double U Casino by using our amazing and feasible Double U Casino Free Chips Generator.